Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Pretty Happy Funny Real} These Are Not the Treats You Are Looking For

I never buy myself flowers or plants for inside the house.  The kids, the cats, or my own neglect would just kill the lovely blooms;  I am too practical for sacrificial plants.  We did buy Easter Lilies for both grandmothers and my sister.  However, when my family couldn't make it here for Easter, I found myself in possession of two plants.  (I swear, I could almost hear them weeping at their fate.) I then planned to give both away to elderly neighbors, but John Paul begged to keep one of the plants.  We did.  I decided to photograph them before my non-green thumb took its toll on ours.
If  lilies could talk: "Psst... I hear she isn't so good with plants.  Can we just leaf now?"  

Easter weekend itself is so busy that I never have the time to try all the fun, Christian-themed crafts or recipes I find online.  I try to incorporate something from Catholic Icing... but this year being pregnant had sapped my energy.  Luckily, Easter is a season, not just a day!
Thus, during the Easter Octave we tried our hands at making the Rainbow Resurrection Rolls I'd seen on Lacy's site.  Marshmallow Peeps, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, melted butter & some cinnamon.  This sounded easy, yummy and fun!  (Also like a great subject for blog photography!)
The kids were really into this project!
Anna prepares "Jesus' body" for burial with "oil and spices" (butter & cinnamon).
Gianna places "Jesus' body" into the Crescent-Dough "tomb."
John Paul loves his sister.  At least, I think that's a hug and not a half-nelson...
Finished with the wrapping of the Peeps & eager to get these into the oven!
So after all this fun and anticipation, and our really trying not to leave gaping holes in the crescent dough, are you ready to see how these super-simple Rainbow Resurrection Rolls of ours turned out?
Good!  First, check Lacy's link (above) to see what we were expecting.
This is what came out of our oven:
Somehow, Lacy's looked much neater than these.  
John Paul had suggested that we skip the cinnamon for these.  I should have listened; I think we overdid it on the "spices" and kept the dough from staying sealed!  Ah, well.  They still tasted delicious, and the children were thrilled to have made their own dessert!
The eyes of a satisfied customer.
Now that you've seen what I managed to do to the resurrection rolls, I will leave it for you to imagine the havoc I've wreaked on our plant.

Head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter, where you'll find some pretty, happy, funny, real pics that flaunt a bit more elegance than my own non-rising Easter Season treats!


  1. Thanks for joining! At least you had fun with the rolls :) And I bet they tasted good!

    1. Thanks for hosting! Yes, they were delicious; warm and cinnamon-y. We scarfed them all down that afternoon!

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