Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday Retrospective

I have been trying to come up with what I want to say about our Easter Sunday, and I am stuck.  I have written and deleted three posts, and stared at empty screens for four days running.  

That's it.  I fold.

 In the words of Inigo Montoya: "Let me 'splain...  No, is too much.  Let me sum up."

God has not removed my interior cross, but he has blessed me with family, which was always what I've yearned and hungered for most.  This family, under this roof, in this time and place, challenges and nurtures me in countless ways, even as I still am learning-by His grace- how best to nurture them.

Despite a rocky Holy Saturday evening (when half our dinner guests of extended family cancelled), Easter Sunday truly was a joy-filled day.  The tomb that looked merely empty and robbed at first glance in fact pointed to the truth: God has fulfilled His promise to send a savior.  We are redeemed; darkness does not have the final say.

I told the kids we had to get George in the shot, too.

My husband, Emre, who I swear has started looking younger as he ages!

Let's push Cari Donaldson's "smoosh faces together" portrait advice to the edge...

Three of the loves of my life.  How much joy can one pack into a photo, anyway?

Anna Theresa takes a pretty good photo for a nine year old!  (She'd gasped at the suggestion that she use my uber-expensive camera.)
It has been too long since I've linked up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple (Pregnancy foot problems have revealed just how much shoes rule an outfit).

Shirt: Motherhood maternity via Savers via my mom, six-plus years old.
Skirt (sorry for lack of full-length shot): long brown Duo Maternity skirt (again: old!)
Invisible boots: red ones you have seen on Sundays past!
Necklace: ditto
Earrings?: We don't need no stinkin' earrings.

And since I am so proud of the matching outfits of my brood (Not that I have any full-length shots to prove it, but the girls' tights actually matched their dresses this week!  Woo-hoo!) I'm linking up with Grace at Camp Patton as well.

Happy Easter, all.  He is risen!


  1. Can't wait to welcome George, and warn him about the wonderful, beautiful, insane, faith-and-love-filled family he is getting into.

    1. Thank you, Father Sal. :-) Only 64 or so days left to wait!

  2. Look at you all in your Easter finery! Very sweet. Smooshed faces = fun faces! Cute. Sometimes plans and perfectly lined holidays are over rated. God provides perfectly for our here and now and there is still HIS Resurrection we get to celebrate for the whole Easter season. Alleluia! :-)

    1. Sarah, that is true; His plans are always better than what we could have imagined. He is risen, indeed! Today we're baking our "resurrection rolls" to celebrate. Glad you enjoyed our smooshy-happy photos.