Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do Not Be Distracted...

I never cease to be amazed.

Already the alarmists are hinting (if not outright alleging) a government conspiracy in the wake of yesterday’s explosions in Boston.

This was brought to my attention by a smarmy meme in my Facebook newsfeed which
calls yesterday’s attack a “distraction” from what is being debated in Congress today.


I am as wary of our elite “ruling class” as the next person.  They, in turn, mostly look down their noses at religious/bigoted/closed-minded folks like me, we raging Catholics types.  

No matter.  Moments like these call us all to transcend ourselves.

Minimizing and denying tragedy to fuel our own fears (even if such fears had their seeds in reality) is dysfunctional and precisely what the Prince of Darkness wants to see.

This is the kind of self-focus that can arise from anxiety and despair.  This is what happens when we are so well-meaningly bent on “winning” a culture war in this world, that we forget that God calls us to be salt and light.

This is the kind of self-obsession which leads some folks to allege that Sandy Hook was merely staged by actors.  (I live down the road a piece....  It wasn’t.  I know people who were shot there.  I have a relative who hid her class in a closet.)

This is the kind of reaction that is at its heart, fueled by anger and hate.

Satan is real, and this is what he wants.  He is not targeting only one type of person; he is not merely after “those people.”  He is gunning for those who would claim the deepest allegiance to Christ.  

He wants you, dear reader.  He wants me.

He will use this event to tear us away from the rest of humanity, our brothers and sisters who right now need our prayers, our kindness, and our very blood.

He will whisper and stir our fears, our hurts and our passions to do so.  He is a tricky bastard.

Whether it is the initial explosion and violence itself, or this latest wave of conspiratorial wish-fulfilling denial...

Do not be distracted by the darkness.  

Be a light in it.


  1. This type of horror event often makes folk utter that ridiculous trope “how can God sanction such a thing – therefore there is no God.” To which we should respond “do you mean to say you have no meaning, life for you has no meaning?” Usually what follows is some verbal fencing on the meaning of meaning but it should resolve in to the admission that the questioner does indeed believe they mean something to which they should be hit with a beautiful aphorism from Simone Weil (1909 – 1943) “If God does not exist because of the existence of evil, what can evil take from a world without meaning.” That should lead on to a discussion of what a human being is and our use / misuse of freewill.

  2. Evil is a parasite. It can only live off of good, just as a shadow, or darkness only exists where light does not shine. We really mess up when, in our fears, we magnify the power of evil and make it into an "equal" of God, equal to him, in the struggle for us. Evil "has" no meaning, no coherence, no consistency, no "life" of its own, except as a cancer of the soul and spirit.