Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Smoke! We have a new pope!

It was a tough week for people I love: my baby godson was hospitalized for respiratory problems (he is home with his parents now, praise God), and others close to me have had to carry interior crosses of great weight.   In the meantime, I was miserable with my own little cold, exacerbated by pregnancy aches & pains and anxiety about an in grown toenail from pregnancy-swollen feet; I tried my best to offer up my minor sufferings without too much outward complaint.  Thus, my week-long absence from the blog-o-sphere, which lovingly tempts me to indulge in my kvetching.

Well, now.  What better time to resurface for air than this?

Habemus Papem!  Pope Francis! (I love that he is a pope of many firsts.)  Some weight has been lifted today.  A reassurance has settled on me in the midst of much that has troubled, worried and upset me. 

I first heard the news through Facebook (thank you, Michelle!) and turned on EWTN in time to see billows of white smoke pour out against a rainy Roman night.

I was surprised by the emotion in my reaction: my heart beat eagerly.  My eyes brimmed.  The tolling bells and the crowds in St. Peter's Square touched me, even as I was half a world away.

Calling the kids inside from their outdoor play was thrilling, too.  I opened the front door to call, "We have a pope!"  Their delighted squeals and race to come inside to see the white smoke and wait for the big reveal was a more raucous stampede than our last Christmas morning.  Seeing that interest, eagerness, and effusiveness inside of them filled me with increased joy, too.

Then: the suspense.  Which cardinal was it!?  I coped by posting to Facebook, and taking photos of the moment in our Catholic corner of the world.

This was how the family looked as they waited for the news:

"I wish we were there!"

  He looked this way for nearly an hour while we waited to "meet" the new pontiff.  

"Mom, look now!"

"His name is Francis!? Really!? ...Can I have more munchkins now?"

I am glad I'd taken time yesterday to explain the conclave (which I'd expected to last all week).   We have yet to begin the epic Papal Lap Book from Shower of Roses, but we did manage to make the lovely Sistine Chapel conclave chimney from Catholic Inspired before I'd rushed off to myriad doctor appointments.

John Paul and Gianna were eager to change the smoke from black to white.

"White smoke!  We have a new pope!"

More and deeper thoughts on all of this tomorrow (I hope...)  For right now I will bask in the warm knowledge that the Chair of Peter is occupied once more. 

God bless Pope Francis!

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