Sunday, February 3, 2013

WIWS: A Still More Excellent Way

One side-effect of linking up at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday is that I actually plan and lay out what I'm wearing to Church the night before.  This saves me a tremendous amount of stress and disappointment Sunday morning.  Pre-planning my wardrobe has the added bonus of our getting to C.C.D. on time (8:50 am).

With ample time to dig through my closet and experiment last night, I made the happy discovery that my long black cotton skirt is in fact a "Medium," not a "Small".  It fits over my belly!  Sweet!  Plus I found that my reallllly long tank top is now a perfect shirt to stretch across the growing bump.   Now, I know makers of maternity wear claim to be fashion conscious these days, but at this stage of pregnancy (22 weeks) I still feel as if I'm being encouraged to don a brightly-colored, weirdly printed potato sack when I slip into most maternity tops or pants.  Give me regular stretchy, any day.

Yes, Christmas ended yesterday.  That creche behind me needs to get packed up now.
My outfit (which I triply love because it is comprised of "1980s-hot-pink" and black, my two fave colors.  After which come purple and hunter green, but I digress.):

Black Cotton Skirt: Old Navy (last spring)
Pink tank top: Target (last summer)
Blazer: JCP?? Was once part of a really slick suit.  It is older than my children.
Boots: Marshall's
Silver hoop earrings: A Christmas gift from my husband, way back in the day
Necklace: costume jewelry from my mil
Baby Bump: an original George Thomas

By George, the bump grows bigger!  In fact, the baby is named George.  (I promise you. I did not suck on a lemon prior to this pic.)

I admittedly fell out of the habit of checking on Sunday's Mass readings ahead of time.  When I heard today's second reading from 1 Corinthians 12:31, I felt like doing the wave in our pew.  My interior party is one part recognition of a perennial wedding favorite, and one part realization that this particular Scripture passage is meant to instruct me where I am at right now.  I have some deep thoughts on this which I plan to post later, but for now, consider this pairing:

Love is patient, love is kind.

It is not jealous, it is not pompous,
It is not inflated, it is not rude...

My reaction to Anna's heckling over my "fashion shoot."
Does sticking one's tongue out at their nine-year-old daughter constitute rudeness?  Couldn't we call it "playfulness"?  (Why yes.  I have so obviously "put aside childish things.")

For more fresh Sunday fashion (with and without baby bellies) and possibly better manners, click over to Fine Linen and Purple and feel the love.


  1. No judging from me on the nativity scene. We keep ours out all year long. I'm going to try to work my non-maternity wardrobe as long as you have next time around. You look so chic!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Hmm... now I am tempted to not look for my creche box. Except that I could really use that shelf space... Well, another week out won't hurt. :-)

  2. Nativity scene is still up. Oops. Need to take care of that. You look fabulous as usual. Loving the color pop and the baby bump!!

    1. Thank you, Mary. My creche is still there today, so no worries about yours! Methinks mine will remain there a few more days yet. Glad you like the popping color on the popping belly!

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