Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's Lesser Known Saints Coloring Page: Saint Cyril & Saint Methodius

OK, I am new to this whole Blogging bit; this may not jive with the rest of my blog's "theme."  Then again, I am a homeschooling mommy to young children, so this is the kind of thing I surf around looking for all the time.  

When I couldn't find a coloring page for Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius last year, I got crazy and made one myself. So what follows is copy written by me.  Feel free to use it for private home or classroom use, but don't distribute it for profit.  If you use it on your website, kindly link back to my blog (shameless plug for more traffic).

Again, I am a brand-spanking newbie to the blog-o-sphere, so I have no clue how to make this "downloadable" this morning.  Just drag the pdf below into a word processing document and party on.  

Click here and head on over to the Catholic Culture website for information on these Saints and also this other, more familiar and celebrated guy:

St. Valentine
Voila!  An instant/easy lesson on the Saints who share today's feast day.

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