Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theme Thursday: Hats & Scarves

I live in Connecticut, and I waited to post for this theme until after Big Storm Nemo.  First of all, I knew I'd be getting an awesome real camera for my birthday on Wednesday night.  The delay gave me time to play with it.   Moreover, I would not accidentally lose the hats and scarves before the kids' much-anticipated snow day.  (Trust me, I would have mislaid them.)  Also, every major snow around here is a photo op, so: consolidate tasks!  

And that is how I put the "pro" in "procrastination."

It all went according to plan.  Except they refused to wear the scarves.  And...

There was no stipulation that they had to be *wearing* the hat, right?
He rhymes with hat.
I loved that the stripe in her hat matched her coat.  Perfect!  (Unlike those snow mittens...)

Under that hood is both a boy and a hat.  I promise.

Pensive, pink-cheeked, and re-hatted.

I am in way over my head with this technology.  All of the pics I took today were on the pre-set modes (automatic, portrait, landscape, etc).  When I am a big girl, I hope to play with the technical stuff.  Until then, my heart still skips a beat at how sharp and crisp these look compared to my old point-and-shoot.

Thank you, Cari at Clan Donaldson, for hosting this link-up!


  1. These pics are beautiful! Oh, to dream of a real camera and the talent to use one.

    1. Thanks, Martianne. I know next to nothing about photography, but I plan to learn!

  2. We're still not dug out yet from the snow- are you?
    Your pictures are beautiful! And yes, the image and detail quality between is amazing when you switch over to a DSLR camera. Don't feel badly about staying on the presets right now- they're there for a reason!
    I'm so glad you linked up. Hope to see you again on Thursday.

    1. Hi, Cari! Omigosh, can you *believe* this snow?! Has your town cleared your road yet? The one and only plow to make it down my road 2 days ago was stuck in the cul-de-sac for 30 minutes! We have dug, but I don't know if we are "out". I suppose if we had to, we could go someplace if there was not a travel ban in my town. My hubby spent all day yesterday & Saturday shoveling, so our cars and driveway are finally freed. He made two paths: one to the street and one to the road. Then we heard that freezing rain cometh, so he got on our roof and tossed off the heavy snow (we have a ranch, and the pitch on the roof doesn't encourage melted snow to fall, just to melt and refreeze). This alleviated some of my anxiety (I remember the carnage of everyone's houses leaking 2 years ago from ice dams on the roof) but the poor guy re-buried half of his hard-dug path in so doing. Work was cancelled for him today, thank God. The digging out continues. Good luck with yours! And thank you for the comforting words about pre-sets!

  3. These look so lovely! There is no way to get the whites quite as crisp with the point and shoot as with the schmancy camera, is there? Sigh. We can travel this big girl camera road together!

    1. Thank you, Dwija! You are so right about the "schmancy camera". I try to eschew materialism and all that, but I must confess: I'm in love with the schmancy camera. Perhaps a bit obsessed. Three cheers for the big girl camera road! I feel so free.