Thursday, February 28, 2013

Theme Thursday: Happiness or Joy (& Thirds of {phfr})

I missed last Thursday's link up at Cari's because of my epic fail to bring the camera to church, where I'd planned to snap photos of architecture before Mass.  We were there early and everything: Doh!  And my back-up plan to use photos from October was not realized because digital glitches kept stopping my photos from uploading onto Blogger.  Weirdness. 

 Since I didn't go out "on assignment" for Happiness or Joy (here is a pic from Nemo, already old news, and the snow mostly gone now), I decided to attempt using Cari's Rule of Thirds tutorial in my photo selection.  This is the photo as taken, un-improved by photo software.  How'd I do?


Now excuse me as I try to double-dip in link-ups with one post late on a Thursday evening:

Gianna always makes me laugh with her facial expressions. I had tried to snap this with her face not-quite-center, remembering that I'd once read the focus of a photo is ideally off to the right or left of center: 

Here is the photo after I'd cropped it with Cari's rule in mind, trying to get her face into the "sweet spot" of intersecting lines:
Kind of an extreme close up, and I sort of miss those little fingers lobbed out of the frame, but still better, I think...

I took this photo of some of my garden blooms in June 2010.  I was pretty amazed by how well it came out, and now I know one reason for the visual appeal: this pic comes close to being naturally composed in thirds.

Can I improve that thirds ratio by cropping to better hit those sweet spots?

Still lovely, but I'm not sure if I detect or am sold on that much of a difference in this case.
Real cat, (even freakier than last seen photographed), cropped so that his face is in a sweet spot of intersecting lines: check.  Real window, totally smeared by real children's fingers: check.  This photo is three weeks old and, no, I still have not washed that glass!  Keeping it real, folks: I don't do windows.  

Apologies for an absence of profound thoughts, but my eyelids are drooping; I am calling it a night.  Click over to Clan Donaldson for more variations on this theme (and to get properly schooled in photography; I have no clue yet!) and visit Like Mother, Like Daughter for some Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real photos, too.

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  1. You nailed the thirds on that first picture! I think your daughter's head is right in an intersection. Which sounds absolutely horrible if you didn't know the context of that statement.

    Thanks for linking up!