Friday, February 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Under a Lenten Sky

--- 1 ---
I missed last week's 7QT link-up because I was still in "Minding Nemo" mode.  It snowed all day last Friday; we woke up Saturday to find three feet of snow on the ground.  I'd expected 18 inches, not 32 inches!  Although my mouth opened and closed a few times, no words came out, just little gasping sounds that made the kids giggle with delight.

This was the view out of our diningroom window at 7 a.m. last Saturday:
I guess we should have covered the grill.

When I finally trudged down the path which my husband spent the day digging out, this is what I saw:
We are still only a one-lane road; the plow that made this pass-through had gotten stuck in the cul-de-sac.  No others returned.  We were lucky; some streets weren't touched until Wednesday!
Now I know why they called the darn storm "Nemo;"  I truly felt like a fish stuck in its bowl for the next several days.  Can you say "Snowbound"?
Cars, trailer, garbage cans.  Uncovering this was part of Sunday's agenda.  Glad the Archbishop gave us all a dispensation from Mass.  (How often does that happen?!)
--- 2 ---
I should have known the storm would be "epic;" folk wisdom in New England actually means something.  Don't knock it!  This was the morning sky the day before Nemo:

Red sky at morning, much?  
--- 3 ---
I was super glad Emre did not have work on Monday morning.  For one thing, he was exhausted from shoveling all weekend.  For another, our denial about the impending death of our geriatric/grumpy/gimpy cat, Sage, could no longer continue; she pooped out of the litter box on Sunday night.  Starting behind the computer.  As in: follow the poop trail... from the desk (on the desk, I kid you not) across the kitchen floor, down the hallway, on my bedroom carpet... and I guess she finally made it to the litter box in the master bath.  Ugh. Gag!  Gross.  Worse than any baby diaper I have ever had to smell or see.  Hello, anxiety!?  (Have I mentioned that I am pregnant?!)

Dearest Emre had his hands full for an hour, cleaning up all of that.  I followed through with a mop later on. Thus, we confronted the definition of insanity: repeatedly doing the same thing in the same situation, while expecting a different outcome.  We had to face facts: Sage was not going to improve.  The time for the vet had come, and Emre resolved to take her.

This time, I didn't cry (unlike 2 weeks ago when he'd announced his intention to do the same).  This was not safe for me and the baby.  The cat was not happy anymore, ever.

On Monday morning, I fed her a last meal of Friskies Meaty Bits, and later carefully picked her up to rest her head and front paws on my shoulder.  She purred.  I kissed her.   I tucked a spotted sweater of mine into the carrier for her ride to the vet.

When Emre returned home with an empty cat carrier, I was sad for a moment... and then I was flooded by relief.  I had let her go.  She could be at peace.  And now, surprisingly, so could I.

--- 4 ---
I love my friends.  Those who know me well (and yet still love me anyway) know that I am fairly twisted.  So I  appreciated it when a friend shared the following video to my timeline the night Sage died.

If QT 3 made you weepy, this should fix that for you.

 Then again, it could also give you nightmares.  Viewer discretion is advised:
Jennifer Fulwiler: This is my "Guy on a Buffalo."

 Cherchez la vache!
--- 5 ---
Mardi Gras has become a thing in my house.  It began with hosting a dinner party several years ago.  Since then, the kids eagerly anticipate making Mardi Gras masks and indulging in some kind of fun treat before we kick off Lent.  (This year I baked cupcakes with gold wrappers and green sprinkles, and made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.)

I asked the younger kids to pose in their finished products, and this is what they gave me:
"C'mon! Vogue! (Vogue!) Everybody groove to the music..." There. Now it is stuck in your head, too. You're welcome. 
--- 6 ---
Am I going to ruin my Catholic credibility if I openly admit that we did not receive ashes on Wednesday?  The roads were still a bit scary to me (ever see how high plows make snowbanks on street corners?) and my car's "Check Engine" light was on.   And of course, I couldn't get my car to the mechanic until after he'd been plowed out.  We finally dropped the van off last night.  We pick it up tomorrow, and then I hope this family can resume its "normal" schedule; the kids and I have all grown stir-crazy (or couldn't you tell?)
--- 7 ---
I am thrilled that it is Lent.  This is one of my favorite times of year to be a home schooling family; we are truly afforded the time to get into the season and grow closer to Christ and one another through our reading and activities.  The kids do the "Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure, " use Catholic Icing's Journey Through Lent calendar to track our days, and count sacrifices (via lentils) in mini jelly jars that we got at church last year.

In the spirit of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing, I won't expand into the specific plans for myself, other than to say: I forgot tonight and partook in something I'd sacrificed.  Doh!  Sorry, Jesus.  Better luck tomorrow.

Wishing all of you a blessed start to Lent!

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  1. Yes, I do have Vogue stuck in my head now! We didn't make it for ashes either :(