Saturday, February 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Birthdays, Feast Days & Parental Whining

--- 1 ---
My birthday is a mere five days away.  My children remembered this during snack time, at which point J.P. asked, "How old are you going to be?"  I paused.  It seemed such an unreal answer, for a moment I couldn't answer.  The numeral 38 blew like a banner in my head, the next-to-last sign post before 40.  I longed to say that number instead, but no.  No.  No.

"Oh my gosh,"I said as the weight of the realization sank in...  "I'm going to be old.  I'll be... I'll be thirty-nine." Anna and Gianna giggled, but John Paul looked surprised.

"Wow!  Really? Thirty-nine isn't old at all," he said with simple earnesty.  My heart leaped up at this charitable view, and I loved him even more for this lovely view of me, untainted by worldly standards of age-ism.  I hugged him with a gushing "Awwwwww."

That's my boy!

Then he smiled his lop-sided seven-year-old grin and said, "I'm surprised because you look much older.  I thought you'd say one hundred."

--- 2 ---
How much of a tailspin were you in last Sunday night?  Still feeling out of sorts?  If so, this might set things right, (and prep you for whatever new torment those sadistic writers have up their sleeves this week):

--- 3 ---
I had great plans yesterday; I was going to Michael's to buy a candle making kit.  You know, the kid-friendly kind in which the wax comes in sheets that you warm and roll up?  I figured that was in the realm of safe for my young children.   Then we would spend Candlemas morning making candles for the family, bring them to Mass today for this feast day, and have the new house candles blessed and ready for upcoming family rosary nights.  (There is just something about praying by candlelight that quiets the mind.)

Great idea, right?  Any large craft store would have that kind of kit, right?  Think again.  I could have spent $20 on a brick of Bee's wax to melt on the stove, but something about 140 degrees of hot wax in the company of my vivacious 6-year-old softly called "NO WAY!" from the corners of my mind.  Scratch that awesome idea.
--- 4 ---
While at Michael's, I had figured that I could buy the craft for Little Flowers an entire week ahead of time.  You know, as in not waiting until the day before or (ahem) day of the meeting to get my plan and supplies together.  Per usual, Lacy had a fantastic idea.  Why not just "get a bag of doll pins at Michael's"?  Brilliant!  Except... my Michael's didn't have them.  It didn't even look as if this particular store keeps those old-fashioned clothespins in stock, ever, since the employees stared at me blankly when I asked, and directed me back to the aisle with the clip-type pins and dowels.

Boooo to Michael's!!  Bad form!

When is Hobby Lobby opening in Connecticut?

--- 5 ---
With regard to this double disappointment, I wish I could say that I was a model of  virtue and roll-with-the-punchesness.  In reality, with three kids in tow constantly stopping to oooh and ahhh and ask for the myriad baubles on the Valentine's Day themed endcaps, I was already working with a patience deficit.   You know how we mommies hate the way our children whine?  Yeah.  Well, never say the Holy Spirit has no sense of humor; inspiration to make this meme struck as I grumbled through the store:
For better readability, I guess you'll have to visit their site

How awkward.
--- 6 ---
Given the fact that this day also commemorates the Presentation of Our Lord, I am seriously making crepes for the first time ever.  I think I will buy strawberries and whipped cream, and make that our after-dinner desert.

I had never known until yesterday that crepes were a traditional meal for this feast day.  I love tripping over such details on my internet searches.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of random traditions, here is something else I learned yesterday: the underlying Catholic roots of Groundhog's Day!  Thank you Word on Fire for bringing this to my attention.  Finding such fun/random/strange contextual facts gives my virtual life sustained meaning.

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  1. Hi Lee, I just had to comment on JP's hilarious statement about your age. I literally burst out laughing. What a kook. You most definitely don't look 100. I wouldn't have even guessed you were so near 40. You look great! Have a happy birthday, my friend.

  2. Thank you, Gail! He is a hoot, that is for sure! Talk to you soon. Hopefully we can dig ourselves out of this blizzard in short order.