Monday, January 21, 2013

A Post of Absolutely No Interest to Men, Whatsoever (WIWS)

Welcome to this, my first "What I Wore to Mass Sunday" post, in which I totally embarrass myself because a.) I am in no sense a fashionista  b.)  I 've been (happily) preggers for 20 weeks now, have newly "popped" this month, but I still have not established a maternity wardrobe extending beyond myriad shades of yoga pants, and c.) when I got dressed at 7am Sunday morning, warmth and comfort were my primary aims; style seemed irrelevant in the face of my stretching-growing girth.

I also admit that I have been somewhat conflicted about Mass-wear this month.  Typically, we dress "up" as a family on Sunday.  I normally make Sundays a don-a-dress-or-skirt-only day for myself, since I am going to see the Lord and all of that. However, my belly is no longer loving my pantyhose, and I am too cheap/lazy to go out and get something to fit me at this point in pregnancy.

I have therefore given myself a "pants pass"(thank you,  Simcha Fisher, for so awesome a phrase).

That said,  I still wore boots with heels, and I actually applied make-up.  I mean, I'm going off to see Jesus for heaven's sake... I feel I should do a little something extra.

I have two outfits to share today: one that I almost wore to Mass, but then didn't, and the actual outfit I settled on in its place.

First, what I actually wore to Mass:

I like the color, but the print and cut make me look twice as large...

Earrings: Tiny diamond studs which I put in during Advent, and have not taken out since.
Shirt:  Duo Maternity, new-to-me via Savers, from my Mom
Pants: Yoga pants from Target
Boots: red leather from Marshall's, my favorite place to buy real, hip shoes at a deep discount

Upside down you're turning me... Round and round... (Why no, I will not properly rotate this photo.)

I almost wore this shirt to Mass, but after trying it on, I worried it might be crossing the line on modesty, even with the tank underneath.  Perhaps I am being overly scrupulous?  Since I err on the side of caution, I scrapped the idea of wearing the following outfit to Mass. (...but I then suggested to my hubby that he call his mom to babysit and take me to dinner tonight so I could wear this lovely new shirt.  He complied!  What a guy!)

So here is what I wore for our dinner date on Sunday, not to Mass.  The non-maternity skirt will be retired for the remainder of this pregnancy because the evening confirmed that it is now too. darned. tight. for comfort (Ouch.)
Hello, Baby belly!
 And finally:
Love these boots, but yuck... my floor is a mess.
These boots will also have to rest for a few months (sniff!); I am growing too clumsy to safely wear these now.  I mustn't tempt my back with aching, either.

This shirt: Apt. 9 (not maternity), also new-to-me-via Savers, also from my mom (love my mom!)
This skirt: Max Studio, from Marshall's, where I got it at a ridiculous discount last summer
These boots:  Marshalls again!  I buy all of my shoes there.

Seeing this contrast in photos between "frumpy" and feminine, has been a revelation to me; I really must do something about getting a proper maternity wear for being out in public.    Personally, I'm liking the baby-bump cling-wear more than I'm liking the baggy.

That second shirt was actually really comfortable, too.

Now that I have frightened away the handful of men who were following me (I'm sorry guys!  Please come back!!) the rest of you ladies might like to see what other, surely better dressed women, wore yesterday.  Why not click over to Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. I think the flowy outfit would have been totally acceptable you look really great int it. But I do love the red boots f the actual outfit.

    1. Thanks! Looking back at these photos, I tend to agree with you. (For some reason, when I try on a shirt for the first time and look in the mirror, stuff looks more revealing to me.)

      I really *was* shocked to see the picture of the shirt I actually wore, as well. There again, it looked different in the mirror. Weird!

      I am a lover of those red boots, too. I had a pair just like them 10 years ago, and completely wore them out to the point of stitchng coming apart. I was *so* happy to find a near exact style in Marshall's a couple of years ago; I wear them close to all the time.

  2. I agree; the coral-colored top looks nice. If you didn't feel comfortable going to Mass in it, though, that's a good reason for changing. I've never been pregnant, so I don't know anything about dressing for Mass while pregnant, but I'm glad you have the WIWS ladies (and occasional gent) to help you through it!