Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Twelve Days of Christmas (or more!)

1.   Yesterday offered proof that I am at least growing in maturity, if not virtue. My geriatric/gimpy/grouchy/anxiety-ridden cat was hanging out behind the computer, as I prepared to multitask (make the kids pancakes and print off more of our family Christmas letter... because it was the 10th day of Christmas, and that is how we roll...) when, as I deposited more paper into the printer, an unmistakable and unwelcome smell drifted up past my big 'ole belly to my nostrils. Sage was lying behind the monitor, sure enough... and... did I smell cat pee? To save you the suspense: yes. Yes I did. 

I neither screamed nor wept (You see!? Maturity! Maybe virtue?) I groaned (who wouldn't?), whined "How could you!?" at the cat (but I didn't kick her!), got the kids snacks in lieu of pancakes, and set about finding rubber gloves, lysol, paper towels, and Lysol wipes. I spent the better part of an hour dealing with it all, and am happy to report that the computer desk/wires/accessories and even the mac mini itself has not been this dust free or disinfected since... um... how old is Gianna??

I could just feel the goodness percolating inside of me.

2.  The wider world has taken down its trees and lights, and here I feel like I've just found my Christmas groove.  There is still snow on the ground  (albeit frozen, with patches of ground in spots) and we are still rocking the Christmas hymns and carols.  Kemper Crabb is one of my favorites for this:  

3.  One reason to love Twelve Days of Christmas: these cards I am still mid-way through sealing are not actually "late" (yet).  Heck, if we observe all of Christmastide until Candlemas, then... I am right on time with everything, including: posting those packages to our godsons, making and bringing cookies to my neighbors, and sending out these cards!  I should also finish those photo gifts for extended family, too.   Add that to my list!

And I can survey these things I wish to have done without guilt or remorse because Christmas is a season, not a day. There's still time to rejoice!  I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge, throwing open my window in relief to shout, "I haven't missed it!"  

I am that thrilled to know the traditional Church calendar prolongs this celebration.  

I never did like to leave a party early.  

4.  Speaking of Christmas greetings: the montage effect was a popular choice for family photo cards this year, and I was more than happy to join that trend.  I'd waited to snap our card pic until after the 4:15 Christmas Eve vigil, thinking that would be the perfect time to capture the children in their new Christmas finery.  Heh!  In hindsight, I should have expected the kids to be... Excited.  Unfocused.  Levitating-Off-the-Floor-Silly.  Rather than the beautiful, artfully executed photograph I'd imagined in my sugar-plum-riddled brain, I got:


And also...

5.  The piece-de-resistance, in my humble opinion, is the following picture, which I just made the cover photo of my FB Timeline, much to the oldest's chagrin:

The above photo is a fine counterpoint to this, my Holy Family "profile pic":

6.  It now occurs to me: isn't January 5th the Twelfth day of Christmas?!  In that case, it is time to pull out this 1979 Christmas classic:  

7.  My thoughts and prayers remain with Jennifer Fulwiler and her family, for a rapid and full recovery.   While I do not personally know Jennifer, her steadfast, courageous and loving witness to Christ has helped me enormously over the years. 

 I am sure all of her readers could say likewise.

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  1. you know what you'll be able to do for next year's Christmas picture...(vis-a-vis your Holy Family picture...) We did this when Eddie was a baby...