Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Sickness, Star Wars & Various Heroes

--- 1 ---
Spoiler alert:  TMI to follow... This week I was hit by the Nasty Stomach Virus that has been sweeping the globe (why do I get to be "in vogue" with such things as these?).  Apparently, my husband and I picked this up while out on our date Sunday evening, because we fell ill at roughly the same time in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning.  Thankfully the kids did not catch this beast (at least not yet); Emre and I sequestered ourselves for the better part of 48 hours.

After the kids went to bed Tuesday evening, my mother-in-law drove me to the ER to get some needed IV fluids, and also a pill and a shot in the IV to stop my vomiting.  This was per recommendation of the O.B. on call.  I would not have normally undergone this hassle if it was only myself on board this body, but the baby brings an added need for prudence and care.  We are at 20 weeks; I admit I'd had a huge burst of interior anxiety when I first realized I was falling ill in a bad way.

--- 2 ---
While I'm glad I went, I must say that the ER waiting room would have been an excellent choice for Dante's Eighth Circle of Hell, if only he'd gotten that far along.  I sat for two-and-a-half hours in a room with other grumpy ill people, all of us cross-pollinating our varied flu and virus germs into a potpourri of misery.  I desperately fought to not actually use the "puke pot" I'd brought along "just in case."

 I failed.

But the bonus to this failure in containment (and my concurrent miserable weeping) was that a nurse arrived to administer an anti-nausea pill pronto.  Way to start treatment before admittance to a room!  (So remember this if ever you find yourself in a similar situation.  You're welcome.)

Prior to its actual use, my puke pot also served as a talisman against those people who were hacking away with respiratory-flu-sans-ER-requested-mask,  from sitting next to me.  For over two hours, other stranded-in-the-waiting-room types eyed me with distrust as they coughed, sputtered and chatted on their smart phones: "There are so many sick people here, it is ridiculous..."; "....So I guess my broken-off toenail isn't life-or-death, because everyone else is still ahead of me..."; "...They said my wait is two hours, unless they get an emergency called in..."  Well...  Duh!

Again: if it weren't for this Baby Boy, I would not have ventured to the ER in the midst of what appears to be a rather impressive flu pandemic.

And:  Thank God for our health care professionals.  They get this from all of us. all. the. time.

--- 3 ---
Speaking of thanking God, have you pondered the awesome gift to parenthood that is The Complete Star Wars Saga?!  Admittedly, at the time of Episodes I's release, I was just as disappointed in the unveiling of Jar Jar Binks and cheesy two-headed pod-racing announcers,  as my other co-generationalists.  However, now that we have three children ages 6-9, Emre and I see Episodes I-III with appreciation; these movies were made for them.  And they've hooked our kids into the good-vs.-evil storyline of Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke, Han and Leia, that we'd loved in our own youth.

On Super Sick Tuesday, as we parental types took turns checking the well-being of our kids, setting out snacks, and  stumbling our way back to bed or bathroom, our children decided to stage a Star Wars marathon. They played all six movies, in order, and for the first time since their shared toddler-hood a day passed without fighting, whining or hurt feelings.  They were completely captivated, co-operative, and wonderfully happy, no mayhem required.

George Lucas is now my hero.
--- 4 ---
In other movie-related news: Australia, as everyone knows, is entirely peopled with criminals.  For example, there's this guy (evidently, he's on the Brute Squad).

 This man is my hero, too.

--- 5 ---
My children are just one classic of American Pop Cinema away from finding this really cool:

--- 6 ---
However awesome that aforementioned Qantas passenger may be, there is a man who trumps even his heroics this week:  Michael Garcia, a waiter from Texas.  If you have not already heard his story, do yourself a favor and check this out.
--- 7 ---
 Thanks and congratulations to everyone who marched in Washington, D.C. today; you gave a beautiful and enduring witness on behalf of all of us who believe that women and their children deserve better than abortion. 

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