Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes: St. Nicholas Dreams

--- 1 ---
The doctor couldn't get a good enough look at the little one to reveal the gender today, but I am tempted to declare that I am carrying a boy.   My dreams have been movie-quality vivid.  One of my dreams this week featured a scene in which I was cut off in traffic by a yellow corvette convertible, driven by an attractive blonde woman wearing a cream-colored skirt and tailored jacket.

I am either experiencing an influx of testosterone to my system, or I have completely missed my calling as an Advertising Executive.

--- 2 ---
Here is my cutie at just under 14 weeks today, measuring 7-ish centimeters from head to rump:

--- 3 ---
Another vivid dream, which woke me up because it was so disturbing, was that the neighbor's backyard was completely over-run by snakes of mythically huge size (both fat and thin) and rainforest colors.  On one hand, I thought it was a visually striking scene.   Then again, nothing curdles my blood like serpents.  In the dream, after pausing to think how amazing this looked, I turned tail to head inside.  

One shiny green python-looking one slithered after and leapt at me; I caught it mid-air,  before it sank its shimmery fangs into my neck.  I then wrestled with it, bashing its head against a countertop.  I woke up before I'd learned if I was successful in doing it in, whether it wriggled away to bite me anyway, or whether the army of red & black, blue & black, green, and striped cousins followed after it.

I hate snakes. Why on earth would I wrestle one?  Even if merely a dream, why would the sight of a dozen or more snakes cause me to pause and think, "Wow.  That's so cool looking"? 

Its a boy, I'm telling you...

--- 4 ---
For some inexplicable reason, when the rain started today, I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies.  Not only would the kids be stuck inside (with me), they would be stuck inside with a sugar high.


--- 5 ---
Speaking of sugar highs, yesterday was the feast of St. Nicholas.  Last year I decided to incorporate the leaving-shoes-out-by-the-chimney tradition in observance of this feast.  My kids woke up to find their shoes filled with chocolate coins, chocolate Santas and Crayola crayons.  I slacked off this year however; I did not make mini paper bishop hats for the tiny chocolate Santas.  Happily, no one noticed.

--- 6 ---
Today's Quick Takes and FB newsfeed reveal that I'm not the only Catholic amused by the St. Nicholas "Hammer of Heretics" meme.   Hmmm... I wonder why the Arias incident wasn't included in the Veggie Tales re-telling of the Story of St. Nicholas?  I say this begs for a sequel.

--- 7 ---
On Saint Nicholas' Feast Day, I  break from my Advent playlist and allow a day of Santa/St. Nick themed tunes during the day (Did I mention I'm a domestic church geek?)  Here is one of my favorites from my St. Nicholas iTunes Playlist (seriously: total geek!).  Enjoy!:

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