Monday, October 15, 2012

In Remembrance of Loss

I glean a lot of information from my Facebook news feed.  For instance,  I learned that today was "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day."  

A day for recalling miscarried babies?!  There was a time my own pregnancy losses would have made me uncomfortable enough to recoil from such an idea.  Not so now; I can admit that I have a lot to process on these life events still; I will post on them here eventually.  A day like this helps to remind me of the healing I still need;  I appreciate there being one.  Thank you Feminists for Life for hipping me to it.

While I have a lot to share about my experiences,  it is too late for me to sort all of it out this evening.  For now,  I'll share this "poem" I wrote several years back, when I was touched by another mother's loss.

Delivered  (for Stephanie)

Forgive me;
 this infant’s non breath
stills my own.

Her silent face sculpted in flesh still as stone;
her body rests,
         devoid of soul
             yet warm
                 in the crook of a mother’s arm.

Why this child for no one
         to hold or know       
(save the mother)
inside whom she stretched, kicked, and grew until    that heart

  its blip-like beat,
           stilling her limbs
                     for all?

Should God,
enigma even to saints,
  grant insight,
that glare-filled glimpse can not be long grasped;
like a sun- glint dancing on a pond’s rippled surface,
it is a wink in the memory,
             too quickly gone;

  a token from the Creator;

just enough
for the soul to remember
and later prompt to cry by turns:

Jesus I trust       in You,

            Lord I believe;

                    help my unbelief.


  1. Being married to you I have no idea why I bother to write. That is a beautiful poem and you say more (and better) with three words than I can say with fifty....

    1. You are an awesome and a different kind of writer. My voice is just different, because it is mine and not yours.

      I am relieved that you think my poetry experiment makes sense.

  2. Gorgeous poem, thanks for sharing.